Behind The Missing Patch


The Missing Patch was developed by a team of creative organisations and freelance artists based in Mossley, Tameside.

We have spent our lifetimes creating work to engage communities through Carnival, outdoor events and participatory workshops.  Even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to make sure that our local community had the opportunity to access creative activities and the opportunity to contribute to a combined public piece of participatory arts.

After many video meetings, hundreds of emails, generous supporters and lots of creativity The Missing Patch was born.

The Missing Patch is now taking donations on Crowdfunder. Click here for more information.

Lead partners



Global Grooves Logo


Global Grooves brings inspirational music and Carnival arts from around the world into communities across the UK. We are passionate about embracing authentic, diverse music and arts with integrity and respect, and to creating the environment for a flourishing, distinctive UK Carnival aesthetic. We deliver leadership development programmes, masterclasses, courses, creative consultancy and new commissions, engaging over 45,000 per annum as audiences and participants.

Cabasa bring people together to tell stunningly beautiful visual stories that celebrate human connectedness and our need to find meaning in our art form and life. We are inspired by traditional stories and processes, then re-imagine them to make them relevant now, producing large scale spectacular outdoor work which keeps the community at its heart. Cabasa use arts and creativity as a vehicle to provide opportunities for people to learn new skills, develop high-quality work they feel proud of, and explore diverse traditions of community Carnival.

Whether you’re a professional Carnival artist looking to develop your practice at our Northern Carnival Centre for Excellence, or a passionate purveyor of the arts in your spare time, The Vale is the perfect place to call home.

Global Grooves, the Carnival arts company, has called The Vale home since 2012, when the organisation moved into part of the building and, two years later, opened a mixed-use studio to artists for rehearsals and making space and to the community for gigs, cinema and other happenings.

Creative Contributors

Lizzie Rigby – Illustrations

Lizzie is a Tameside based artist, who has been working in participatory arts for several years. Lizzie was a lead visual artist in the ‘Creating Carnival Illuminated’ project  for Mossley Light Festival and has been helping out and growing as an artist ever since. Before her involvement in carnival arts, Lizzie had her own business selling hand-painted furniture and homeware. However she now has experienced how carnival and outdoor arts can bring so many people together and the positive impact carnival can have on the community.

Gordon Banks – Theatre

Gordon is an experienced visual artist, workshop facilitator and sculptor. He brings a wealth of experience particularly surrounding our local community as a part time and voluntary Director of Mossley Community Arts LTD for 25 years.

Gordon likes to work in 3D which gets him involved in all manner of projects in schools, community organisations and carnival. He paints Murals, builds Giants, Dragons and Lions, Witches, Butterflies and even Orixa Gods.


Sophie Parkes-Nield  – Writer

Sophie is passionate about the power of the arts to make change. As a writer, she co-founded and continues to facilitate community writing group, Mossley Writers; has published two works of non-fiction, and won an award for her fiction writing.

She is also a folk music and indie enthusiast, plays the violin and supports other musicians and artists in their communications on a freelance basis.

Funders and supporters